When should I tell my friends and family that I’m having twins?


Twelve weeks and beyond?

Traditionally people have waited until after 12 weeks gestation before telling friends and family they were pregnant. However if you’re feeling very sick, extremely weepy or irritable it might make more sense to tell people before this. It is absolutely up to you and whether you’d like people to offer their support during the first few months or whether you’d like to keep your news to yourself until after the 12 week mark.

Vanishing Twin Syndrome

Some mums find out there are two sacs during an early scan yet find on a later scan one of them has been reabsorbed or ‘vanished’ by twelve weeks (a phenomenon known as ‘vanishing twin syndrome’) So it might be wise to wait until your second scan when you can clearly see that both sacs are viable before you ¬†announce that you’re expecting twins.

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