Useful things to do whilst you’re pregnant with twins


In the first few weeks after finding out you’re expecting twins it’s a great idea to do some research as to what is available in your area for parents to be of twins.

Join your local twins club

Often there is a local twins club which you should be able to join before your babies are born. These are a great place to pick up some second hand baby gear and to get advice about coping with twins directly from people already with twins in your area.

Join your local Facebook buying and selling group

Join your local Facebook buying and selling groups and look out for second hand baby gear sales (often run by the NCT)

Join TAMBA (if you’re based in the UK) 

The Twins and Multiple Births Association are a great source of advice, support and information and have great discounts for parents of twins

Find out if there’s a local La Leche League branch if you’re planning on breastfeeding

You might find that there is a la leche league branch which is useful if you’re planning on breastfeeding twins.

Find out if there’s a local branch of the NCT and look into courses and workshops that they offer

There may also be a NCT branch in your area and these can be useful places which may offer courses or workshops to parents to be.

Put your names down for Antenatal classes ~ Usually run by your local hospital or health centre

Also put your names down for antenatal classes ~ these are normally offered towards the end of your pregnancy but as a twin pregnancy lasts for less time than a singleton one you’d be as well to get your name down early so that you can hopefully get yourself enrolled into an antenatal class in good time for your twins arrival.

Sign up for internet banking

Sign up for internet banking (if you haven’t already done so) and set up your bills to go out by direct debit (if you already haven’t done so

Sign up for online supermarket shopping if you haven’t already done so.

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