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Whether you’ve just found out you’re expecting twins, or whether they’re newborn, toddlers, teenagers or you’re an Adult Twin yourself there is something here for you! 
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About Twinsonline Twinsonline was founded in 2003 by Sarah Cooper, mum of three (including twin girls.)  ‘When I was expecting my twins, I had no idea what to buy, what to expect, what was ‘normal’ and what wasn’t. I had so many questions! I had my twins as my first children, going from having no children to two children in just 21 minutes! It was a sharp learning curve, and over time I worked out what each cry meant, how to breastfeed them together, how to settle them into a good sleep pattern etc. I realised other mums and dads would be in a similar situation so Twinsonline was ‘born’. I also wanted to hear from other twin parents and adult twins from all around the world. Having twins is such a unique experience that only a select number of people are privileged to have. I’d love to hear how it’s been for you! ’  Sarah Cooper, Founder of Twinsonline If you have a twin media request to share with the readers of this website please email media@twinsonline.org.uk
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